Jour 15: Ciego de Avila

Day 15: Ciego de Avila

Another day of 125 km waiting for me. I ask a lot of this aging body. I'm leaving really early, it's still dark. When the sun finally rises it's foggy and chilly. The road is once again very dangerous today. On the edge, the signs indicate the remaining distance to get to Havana. It is sometimes very discouraging. This morning, I was 555 km from the largest city in Cuba. I finally arrive in Florida!!!haha It's definitely not my best day on the bike. I have a stomach ache. I can't wait to be able to sing Michel Rivard's song again and dance with her. The wind is strong and in the opposite direction! I attend an unusual buffet, scavengers wallowing in a horse carcass on the side of the road. I see death every day on the road. Life is fleeting for some species. For about twenty kilometers I ride on the side of the road reserved for horse-drawn carriages. I avoid getting stuck too much by all the vehicles passing me. In general, people are quite courteous on the road. I can't wait to find smaller, less busy roads. I'm exhausted, I can't wait to get there. Today is the most difficult day for some time. I swallow two large glasses of yogurt which do me the greatest good for my deranged stomach! I finally arrive at my destination after six hours of effort! Phew. I need to take a little nap, but first I ask my hosts if it is possible to do my laundry. The answer was positive and that made the greatest happiness of my day for 3 Cuc (75 Cuban Pesos) After an hour of rest in the air conditioning, I go in search of my three bottles of 1500ml of lemon liqueur ( kind of 7 up). Every day I consume on the road 4.5 liters of this drink which allows me to move forward. On the way, I meet a barber and I ask him to cut the hair on my ears and nose....ahah Too much information? I buy fried corn kernels. Then, I buy milk and corn flakes, my dream comes true! It's hot, I'm better! Tomorrow, I'm going to spare myself a little more. David Beauchesne