Jour 18: Cienfuegos

Day 18: Cienfuegos

A day of 84 km that awaits me today with many climbs and descents. After traveling 20 km, I buy the best fish sandwich in the world for only 50 cents. Yum!!! I meet and discuss with some Cubans. After 60 km I meet cyclists from Germany for the first time. A very friendly little family with whom I chat. They have all my admiration to leave like this for a month with children! wow! Hat! Video: I finally arrive in Cienfuegos, a very beautiful town with a boulevard and a pedestrian street. I have my new sandals repaired, they are already broken. My room is really amazing for tonight. The city is superb. Here is a giant tree. The edge of the water is atrocious as in all the cities of Cuba: polluted. That's a shame! In the evening, I walk on "el Prado". I'm buying two pineapples for 75 cents for my lunch tomorrow morning. I eat ice cream for 15 cents (2 times). I have an excellent mango milkshake for 25 cents. I managed to find cereal and milk for tomorrow morning. The store was closed, but I explained that I absolutely had to buy cereal to eat because otherwise I was going to cry all night. They were generous and let me in!!! I eat another excellent pizza at 35 cents. I observe life in a small park free of tourists... Cell phones are a real nuisance all over the world, but at least children still play with sticks!!! Here is the singer Benny Moré who is the pride of Cienfuegos. I end this beautiful day by attending mass on Saturday evening in the cathedral. It was moving!!! David Beauchesne