Jour 19: Playa Giron

Day 19: Playa Giron

I had a good breakfast to start the day well, this time I opted for wheat petals. I meet two Austrians who cycle, but they weren't very talkative. I'm approaching Varadero, my ultimate destination! Today the road is pleasant, there is not too much traffic. People are drying rice on the road!!! After 80 km I arrive at Playa Giron, a decrepit place that I had already visited in 2013. The place is located very close to the Bay of Pigs, the place where Cuban exiles trained by the Americans had tried to overthrow Castro in 1961, but without success. Cubans are omnipresent in this hotel. It's Sunday, the site is packed. I'm glad to see that some Cubans can afford a day of good weather. However, the site is too small to receive all these people. I waited an hour before being able to access the buffet. It was hell, people were pushing each other to get into the restaurant. After an hour, I went to complain to the reception and the lady came to escort me inside the restaurant!!! There were people everywhere, the plates were not available. When the plates finally arrived, I gulped down two pieces of chicken, beans and rice. Nice experience!!! Saturday and Sunday are very busy days in Cuban hotels. A good start to the 80km day, but the rest was a little disappointing! I can't wait to get back on the road... David Beauchesne