Day 11: Idleness in Playa Marsella

I wake up very early to the roosters howling wildly! I make a friend who hangs out with me at the start of this wonderful day. I have an excellent breakfast to start the day on the right foot. My hosts are very nice. The restaurant is empty this morning. I am alone. I'm getting ready to go spend the morning at the beach. I bring a chair from the restaurant to sit at the beach. The beach is deserted, I am alone in the world. I see young people sleeping outside on restaurant tables after partying for a good part of the night. After spending the morning enjoying the wind, the sun and the sea, I decide to go for a little bike ride to discover what is around. I head for Playa Majagual which is located 10 km from playa Marsella. The road is difficult, but I am delighted with this new beach. I take advantage of it to bathe a little, it feels good! I return to playa Marsella, find my modest room. I take a little nap. I go back to the beach so as not to miss the sunset. A beautiful day that ends with an incredible plate of lobster. I am lucky to be able to enjoy life like this. Got a goal? Go for it!

David Beauchesne