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  • 3. 100 Ans Au Service Des Gens (Murale)
  • 3. 100 Ans Au Service Des Gens (Murale)
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3. 100 years serving people (Mural)

In the center of the Magog River gorge proudly stands the Frontenac generating station, the
oldest hydroelectric facility still in service in Quebec.

DESCRIPTION: this mural commemorates the centenary of the municipalization
electricity in Sherbrooke. On May 1, 1908, the Ville de Sherbrooke became the owner of the Frontenac generating station and all the assets of the Power Light & Heat Co., the sole producer and distributor of energy at the time.

Thanks to a fourth referendum, and after nearly six years of effort,
including municipal councilors Daniel McManamy and Donat Denault, this
public ownership was born, today making Hydro-Sherbrooke one of
jewels of the city.

Accessible in summer only.

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