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  • 7 Octobre 2021 (Vue 0) La Serviette De Plage Est La Partie...merci À Tous Les Copains... (Blogue)
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October 7, 2021 (View 0) The beach towel is in the game...thanks to all my friends... (Blog)

Wow what a beautiful day...

It really is a beach

I can't believe it's October.

I took my beach towel, my sunscreen and strolled through the streets of Sherbrooke as if it were July.

I met passers-by dressed in winter coats.

I bathed on October 7 under the gaze of some fishermen near the black bridge.

I felt alive. The water was not that cold!

I met 2 people at viewpoint 1.

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Life is Beautiful! You should take advantage.

David Beauchesne

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