Fast Schedule

Since 2015, Fast Schedule allows you to enter your cycle schedule in your Google Calendar in just 5 minutes. You must have a Gmail account to access the application. Very useful for teachers and students!!!

There are only three steps to's easy as 123.

Step 1 Select your school from the list.

Step 2 Choose the number of periods per day.

Step 3 Enter your schedule.

Video ->Laval School of International Education

To enter your school calendar for 2022-2023: CLICK HERE

Quick guide

  • is offered as a free trial version for data entry for a period of 15 days .
  • The purchase of an activation code is then necessary if you wish to enter your schedule for the entire school year.
Buy (Activation code)

After ordering your activation code you will receive a confirmation email from Paypal and then you will receive a second email from Fast123 to confirm and activate your number. (Check your spam box)

Here are the packages available
      • The one -time use at $14.99 allows you to generate only a schedule in Google Calendar.
      • The unlimited individual license at $19.99 allows you to generate several schedules in Google Calendar.

      • School licenses

      • The BRONZE school license allows the use of to all teachers and students. The BRONZE school license is available at a cost of $275/year.

      • The GOLD school license, teachers and students do not need to use the application . The schedule is automatically generated by Fast123 . Teachers receive an email and can integrate the schedule into Google Calendar in seconds . Available from $2.99 ​​per student.

If you wish to purchase a school license please contact David Beauchesne ( ). Prices may vary depending on the number of students and the options chosen.
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